Darryl Anderson Consulting Pty Ltd

Consultancy services are offered in the following specialist areas:

Statutory Planning

  • Preparation and assessment of Development Applications.
  • Preparation and assessment of Statements of Environmental Effects.
  • Preparation of Modification Applications for development consents.
  • Preparation and assessment of Environmental Impact Statements.
  • Preparation of Socio-Economic Impact Assessments.
  • Preparation of Part 5 Assessments (E.P & A Act).
  • Preparation of Bushfire Hazard Assessments.
  • Council and State Agency Negotiations.
  • Review of Local Government Planning / Development Management Units.
  • Preparation of Statements of Evidence for Planning and development appeals.
  • Provide expert evidence in the Land and Environment Court, other Courts and Tribunals.
  • Prepare planning submissions and appear before Commissions of Inquiry and Public Hearings.
  • Statutory Planning Advice.
  • Preparation of Development Control Plans.
  • Preparation of Section 94 Developer Contribution Plans & Voluntary Planning Agreements.
  • Preparation of Town Planning Instruments.
  • Preparation of Rezoning Requests (Planning Proposals).
  • Preparation of State Significant Site Submissions.
  • Preparation of Planning Reports for Valuations.
  • Arrange, Assist and Attend Pre-Lodgement meeting with Council.
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    Strategic Planning

  • Preparation of Strategic Plans.
  • Preparation of Planning Strategies.
  • Preparation of Rezoning Studies.
  • Urban Research.
  • Community Consultation.
  • Preparation of Land Use Strategies.
  • Preparation of Management Plans.
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  • Project feasibility studies.
  • Subdivision designs.
  • Project Master Planning.
  • Urban planning and design.
  • Provision of general advice on planning and development matters.
  • Project Co-ordination and Management.
  • Approvals negotiations and Co-ordinations.
  • Urban design.
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