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Consultancy services are offered in the following specialist areas:

Statutory Planning

A development application is a request to a consent authority for permission to carry out a proposed development. The development application provides information to the consent authority about the proposed development to enable it to properly assess the application. DAC can assist in the preparation of a properly made development application for your project to ensure your application has the best chance of success.
Most development applications lodged need to be accompanied by a town planning report on the proposal. DAC is able to prepare a town planning report to accompany your development application which addresses how the proposal complies with Councils planning controls and justifies why Council should approve the development application.
Socio-economic impact assessment (SEIA) is a useful tool to help understand the potential social and economic impacts of a development proposal. It can be used to assess impacts of a wide range of projects ranging from a childcare centre to a new highway. DAC can prepare a SEIA to accompany you development application.
After obtaining your development consent for your project it is often necessary to modify the consent to achieve better outcomes for your development. This may include amendment to specific conditions or the application plans. DAC can prepare the necessary modification application and supporting documents to ensure that your development approval is commercially viable.
If your development proposal is of a major or environmentally sensitive nature it may need to be accompanied by a more detailed planning report called an Environmental Impact Statement. DAC can advise on the need for an EIS and where required we can prepare an EIS to accompany your development application.
Infrastructure projects such as roads, water supply and sewer generally do not require a development application to be lodged. However a Part 5 Environmental Assessment must be undertaken and approved by the determining authority before the project can proceed. DAC can prepare Part 5 Assessments and provide advice on the approval process.
Where land is mapped bushfire prone any development application must be accompanied by a Bushfire Hazard Assessment demonstrating compliance with “Planning for Bushfires, 2006”. Our qualified staff can prepare an assessment to accompany your development application.
During the preparation and assessment of applications, complex issues often arise which require resolution through negotiation between Councils, State Agencies and other Stakeholders. Negotiated outcomes can be critical to the success and commercial viability of projects. DAC has extensive experience in negotiating favorable outcomes and can assist in ensuring that your project can proceed promptly and within budget.
DAC staff has extensive experience in Local Government Planning at a Senior management level. We are able to undertake Planning Department organizational structure reviews and provide recommendations to improve efficiency, processes and service delivery.
Consent authority decisions on application often result in appeals to relevant courts and tribunals or preparation of submissions to commissions of enquiry and public hearings. DAC can advise you on your appeal rights, can prepare Statement of Evidence/submissions and appear as an Expert Witness to assist you in obtaining approvals or more equitable compensation for land acquisition cases.
The planning system is complex and prescriptive and results in uncertainty in terms of the development potential of land. DAC can provide you with advice on the planning process, potential risks and likely development costs to assist you in achieving a commercially viable outcome.
Development control plans and codes are a planning tool to provide more detailed guidelines and development controls than are contained in town plans and planning instruments. A DCP or DC can apply to a greenfield site or as a means of controlling specific types of development. DAC can assist in preparing a DCP or DC for your land or specific projects.
Contribution plans and/or VPAs are required to enable consent authorities to obtain development contributions from developer for infrastructure and community facilities. DAC can prepare Section 94 Contribution Plans and VPAs to facilitate approval of development and payment of contributions on an equitable basis.
In NSW rezonings can be initiated through the local planning authority or by the Minister for Planning by way of a State Significant Site Submission. Rezoning requests normally need to be accompanied by a town planning report addressing relevant planning matters including appropriate studies and strategies. DAC can assist you in the preparation of an appropriate rezoning proposal and necessary supporting reports, including consultations with key stakeholders and negotiations with the relevant planning authority to obtain your required rezoning.
Because of the prescriptive and complex nature of statutory planning, Valuers frequently require a town planning report to assist them in determining the value of a particular parcel of land. DAC can assist you in identifying the highest and best use of your land in a planning context to ensure that your valuation accurately reflects the development potential of the site.
Most consent authorities encourage applicants to have pre-lodgement meetings prior to lodging formal development applications to ensure that key issues are addressed and to identify any potential absolute constraints. Identification of key issues and constraints in the early stages of the planning process is critical to ensuring that your development proposal will be approved by council and will be sustainable and commercially viable. DAC specializes in arranging and attending pre-lodgement meetings to enable the client to be properly informed prior to proceeding with their project.

Strategic Planning

Strategic Plans & Land Use Strategies are an important planning tool to assist land owners and planning authorities to achieve the most appropriate use and disposition of land, particularly for urban development. They can also guide decisions in relation to infrastructure timing, development feasibility and sequencing. Strategic planning is a key area in which DAC can value add your project.
To assist land owners in achieving viable and sustainable projects it is often necessary to undertake urban research to determine demographic trends and supply/demand analysis for particular products. This is a key area of planning where DAC can help you to minimize your risks and ensure commercially viable outcomes.
Engagement with the community in the development of projects is an important step in guaranteeing a smooth approval process and a viable development outcome for your development project. Formulating an appropriate consultation strategy is an important step in the development process in which DAC can contribute positively.
Management plans an important planning tool to assist in the efficient development of a project during the construction and operational phases. They may address issues such as construction, habitat and traffic management, as a means of mitigating potential development impacts. DAC can prepare an appropriate suite of management plans to support your project.

DAC recognize that the costs of site acquisitions and approval timeframes have significant implications for project feasibility. We therefore consider that town planning advice in relation to key planning controls and site opportunities and constraints are vital to enable you to make an informed commercial decision in relation to your development project and your realistic chances of success. We therefore offer a prompt and targeted service in providing preliminary project feasibility advice to assist you prior to purchase of your development site.
Having completed a site analysis and feasibility study project design is the next most important step in the Planning process. Project design includes subdivision layouts, urban design and build form design. DAC can provide valuable advice and input into this phase of the planning process including integration of specialist consultants and compliance audits to achieve optimal design outcomes.
Large scale projects often involve complex regulatory controls and challenging site conditions. Co-ordination and integration is also an important aspect for planning large projects. Project master planning provides an opportunity to achieve best practice outcomes for your development project. DAC can prepare a project master plan to make certain that your project is at the leading edge of contemporary urban planning.
DAC has extensive experience in the co-ordination and management of multi-disciplinary project teams involved in preparing master plans, and development applications. We can provide a consulting team with the necessary skills and experience to deliver a timely, cost effective and feasible project for your site.
The planning system has many legislative requirements which can make navigating your way through the planning process a complex and time consuming exercise. Our planning practice can offer you a range of services and advice that can help and support you in effectively achieving your planning outcomes.
Complex and major projects frequently require the terms and conditions of approvals to be negotiated with the consent authority as a means of minimizing court appeals and reducing delays and costs in obtaining approvals. DAC can provide collaborate and negotiate with key stakeholders in the planning process to achieve a timely and commercially acceptable development approval for your project.

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